Monday, May 21, 2012

How To Maintain Hair On A Rainy Day

On rainy days, one is always looking for a way to keep their hair cute. There is the traditional  messy bun, two french braids, a long braid or some even opt to wear a hat over their extensions!

Below are a few of my favorite go to hair options for rainy days, or even days I don’t feel like doing my hair…

Here, Nicole Richie rocks french braids in her hair. Cute look on a gloomy day.

Here is a tutorial of the messy bun. Extra cute on a rainy day!

Audrina Patridge’s side braid is the perfect look on a rainy day. The relaxed effortless look is stylish even on a lazy day.

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  1. I hate rainy days. One time I went to my georgia hair designer school for my class but it rained hard before I got there and completely messed my newly rebonded hair. o well, lesson learned for me, always bring an umbrella. lol. but i do love the twirls you have suggested for a cute hair day.