Monday, January 9, 2012


As everyone pretty much knows, a lot of women love wearing hair extensions.   It can be easy to manage and it also is very helpful to your real hair because depending on what type of hairstyle you're wearing, you can go weeks and months without putting heat on your actual hair and that can help give your hair much needed rest. The downsize of wearing extensions is that if you do not take proper care of your extensions and real hair you can risk damaging your hair and having hair loss. These are some do's and don’ts of wearing hair extensions.
Do's & Don'ts of Extensions
Treat your hair well
Just like with your real hair, your hair extensions will last a long time if you treat them well. Comb and brush them gently, apply and remove them carefully, and use products to enhance e.g. hair spray, conditioners, etc. Some hair extensions can be quite expensive, so get your money’s worth by using them for as long as possible.
Choose wisely
Just because hair extensions are fake, it doesn’t mean they should look that way. Bold rainbow colors are not the way to go unless you’re going to a party. If you can, try on the extensions before purchase. Consider how well they mesh with your skin tone, height, body weight, and lifestyle. Don’t assume that the fabulous wig on the mannequin will look fabulous on you too.
Express yourself
Remember to show your personality when you wear hair extensions. Go for the extensions that reflect a part of you and/or your lifestyle. When you bring home your new extensions, style them in a unique way. This reduces the chance of you bumping into someone wearing the same hair.
Neglect your real hair
Dressing up your hair extensions is like playing with dolls again, but, unlike Barbie, you have real hair underneath it. When you’re wearing various extensions, and applying and removing them, don’t be rough. Respecting your extensions and disrespecting your real hair will lead to baldness.
Pretend it is real
There is no shame is wearing hair extensions, but there is when you pretend that your genes produced the amazing creation on your head. Be honest. You will fool some, but not all, so there’s no point in lying. If someone asks, be upfront, and- assuming they’re good- don’t forget to recommend the hair company and shop who produced your new investment.
Let the extensions overstay their welcome
Eventually your hair extensions will be worn out. All the washing, drying, and styling will take it’s toll, leaving your hair extensions a shadow of their former selves. Don’t be the embarrassment of the town. Throw your extensions out! If you can’t afford to buy a replacement yet, wear your natural or chemically processed hair until you have saved up enough money. Yes, you will have to spend more time doing your real hair than you did with your extensions, but you will look better for it.
Glue to your scalp
Hopefully this sounds obvious to you, but I have seen it done before. This method of applying hair extensions will lead to hair loss, because the glue will take off your hair with it, and skin irritation is a possibility.
Judge others
Some women are determined to see celebrities without their hair extensions, yet these same women have hair extensions on their heads all year round. Why should Beyonce remove her lacefront when you haven’t removed yours? Focus on yourself and your head. If you interfere in others’ business, expect the same nosiness in return.

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