Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Know When It Is Time To Take Your Weave Out

I would like to address the 5 most important signs that it is time to take your weave out.  As a woman who wears weaves I suggest leaving it in no longer than 2 months, however, everyone is different. So with that being said let me get started!

1.     Is That A Wig Or Weave?

When you scratch your scalp, and the weave moves, like there is a wig on your head. This means the braids under the weave have completely grown out which is great because who doesn’t want their hair to grow…Right? With that being said though the new growth needs to be washed deep conditioned and combed. So if the weave is moving around its time ladies to take it down.

2.     Your Weave Stinks!

The weave smells, you can smell it and so can those around you. This is especially true for those wearing a curly or wet weave. When wearing a weave shampooing your own hair is limited because after all it’s braided. After 1-2 months the hair will begin to have an odor.

3.     Hey Girl, You Lost About 2 Ounces Of Hair While Brushing That Tired Weave This Morning.

Severe shedding is a sure sign it’s time to say good-bye to your weave. Not the shedding of your own hair that is braided but the weave hair off the track. This goes for the hair that is not the “Indian human hair” but, because all the hair nowadays says 100% human hair chances are if the pack says that, it isn’t true and that the hair I’m talking about. Now I’m not knocking that type of hair because if it all you can afford… but keep in mind it does not have a life span and once used cannot be reused. So if you’re Milky Way, Capelli, Bobby Boss, Dena Cali etc, is shedding its time to take the weave down. If you invest in Jazzy Girls Luxury Hair Collection, our hair is 100% Natural Virgin hair; it does not shed and can be reused up to 1 yr.!
4.     If I Was Your Stylist I Would Charge You An Additional Fee.
I say this because it has become a project to style this kind of hair. I have seen women from time to time that just can’t say goodbye to the weave and to create a miracle out of mayonnaise to get the weave to look like it did 2 months ago with their new growth hanging out all over the place. Is this fair to you or your stylist? No, take it out now!
5.     No One Not Even You Remembers When You Got Your Weave Put In.
When your hairstylist asks, “Girl when I put this weave in your hair?” If your own stylist can’t remember chances are she’s hinting that your weave has lived its life and nature has taken its new growth course. It’s time to take it down get a much needed shampoo, deep conditioning and trim.
So ladies you if you have any of these five signs TAKE OUT YOUR WEAVE!!!

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