Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

The Lifespan of Hair Extensions greatly depends upon handling & quality . Jazzy Girls Luxury Hair Collection can be reused for a minimum of 1 year plus.

Hair Extension Applications should last approximately 2-4 months with proper handling & salon maintenance After which tightening is not an option -Removal is highly advised to prevent Damage And Breakage to your natural hair .

The quality of hair is crucial to lasting results . Shedding , Tangling and frizzing are unacceptable - Utilizing the highest quality of hair possible eliminates such obstacles and ensures that you experience a positive relationship with your extensions.

Factors that Affect the Longevity & wear time may include rate of growth , Length , Texture & Density of overall conditions of your natural hair .

We offer 3 Luxury Hair Collections

Luxury Elite Collection = This is our Multi Cultural blend of hair,  Indian Hair & Brazilian Hair on 1 Weft. We guaranteed this collection has no shedding and comes in 5oz bundles . This collection is available in 10-40 inches . This is the collection that our celebrities rave about . This collection is guaranteed to last 1 year plus .

Luxury Rio Collection = This is our collection handpicked and imported from Brazil . The lifespan of this hair is guaranteed to last 6 months to a year. Some clients have reused this hair for over a year. These bundles comes in 4.5 oz . On a double stitched weft .

  Luxury Native Collection = This is our collection imported from the richest temple of  India . Guaranteed to last 1 year plus . This hair is completely Natural and comes in 4-4.5 oz per bundle . This hair is incredible . Check out Celebrities  like Tamala Jones that loves our Native Collection

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