Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Prevent Hair Damage From Wearing Weaves & Wigs

The first thing we  need to is identify is the fact that women are getting hair extensions put on with glue . We  need to stop getting our  hair extensions put in with glue! There are numerous of hair extension systems that if applied correctly could actually grow your natural hair instead of bald your hair. Some people do not understand the importance of maintaining your natural hair under your hair extensions or wigs. Here are tips to prevent Hair damage and hair loss from and during weave wearing.
*Go to a stylist please do not attempt to go the least expensive route and weave your own hair .. it will cost you in the end . Leave this job to the Experts

*Make sure that your stylist does not braid your hair too tight especially around your edges . If braids are done properly it will  actually help your hair to grow

* Invest in quality hair .. preferably luxury Indian hair extensions that are very light in weight. Most cheap & Inexpensive hair can be to heavy and pull out your natural hair. I recommend hair extensions from

*Wash your hair & condition it. use scalp treatments to keep the hair follicles open and healthy. I recommend to wash at least once a week. Always remember to use hair product with great health benefits. Free of Sulfate, Parabens & Sodium Chloride,,, which are all  harsh  chemicals that strip the hair of its natural moisture. I recommend The Little Luxuries Eco- Friendly Product line .

*Maintain your hair Extensions , after having your hair extensions in for 3 weeks i recommend you return to your stylist for maintenance & upkeep. Notice i said your stylist

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a lace front or a full lave wig  if applied correctly . A lot of people that are applying these lace wigs are not knowledgeable in the non surgical hair replacement industry .. we call them lace wigs while there are  people that experience hair loss due to medical conditions like Alopecia  call them A  Cranial Prosthesis Unit which is where The fashioning trend of Lace wigs started from .
I personally wore Lace wigs for years without balding . Some people wear the lace wigs and forget all about there natural hair .. I must confess lace wigs are very addictive and are worn by many celebrities & entertainers. Its a 30 minute Fix from a possible bald head to 22 inches of hair that looks as though its growing out of the scalp. Here are tips to prevent a Naomi Campbell situation / balding due to excessive use of  full lace wigs .

*. I strongly recommend a scalp protectant around the perimeters of the hair line where the glue will be placed.

* I  recommend not shaving your edges to wear a lace wig unless your are undergoing a medical related hair loss. I always tell my clients if your edges are thick and healthy do not shave your  edges to temporarily wear a wig for fashion .  Most people literally shave there edges to wear a lace wig because if the lace wig is applied to a bald surface the application will last from 4-6 weeks sometimes even longer . If you have full edges and makes the decision to wear a wig  then glue will be placed the edges of the hair line which could lead to balding around the edges .

* I recommend not putting the glue directly on your hair edges but create a hairline half of an inch above  your natural line to prevent damages to your edges.


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