Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting hair extensions is an investment. Although the longevity of your hair extensions also depends on the type of hair and installation method used, how you maintain the hair also plays a crucial role. If you nurture your hair extensions as if it was your own hair, expect to have those extensions looking good for a while. However, if you neglect the investment you have made, you can expect to be disappointed with your purchase.

    • Because gentle care is required, you should choose quality combs and brushes to untangle and smooth the hair. Combs should be wide-spaced. Before washing your hair, brush it with a soft-bristle brush to prevent further tangles. When brushing, always start at the ends, then work upward toward the extension weft. Never yank at your hair extensions, as this can extract them and damage your own hair.
    • Always use a gentle shampoo to cleanse your hair extensions.The stylist who installed your hair extensions can also give you recommendations on the proper shampoo to use. As for conditioners, opt for one that is moisturizing. Deep condition your hair extensions at least every two to three days to give them optimum moisture. Ask your stylist to recommend the best conditioner. Use a light hair extensions moisturizer every two to three days so the extensions do not dry out and form ratty, split ends.
Styling Products
    • Hair extensions can be a costly investment, therefore, you must choose the right styling products that will not damage them. Before applying any heat, always apply a thermal protectant to shield the hair. Ceramic or ionic styling tools are better choices for hair extensions. They are designed to control heat more effectively. The less heat used on the hair, the better. Avoid using chemicals on the hair; instead take the hair extensions to a professional who can process them appropriately.

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