Friday, October 14, 2011

Hair extensions are quite popular with all kinds of women, from African American to Caucasian to Latina. Anyone can wear hair that doesn't grow on their heads! Fake hair is fun to experiment with if you want a new look or instantly long locks. Weaves can be made from either synthetic or human hair, but both types require washing and upkeep.
Whether your extensions are synthetic or human hair, caring for a weave properly is very important to maintain the quality of the hair.

Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hair is a weave that hasn't grown out of someone's scalp. It's much cheaper than real hair, but it has limitations. Synthetic hair usually doesn't look or feel as real as human hair. You cannot style synthetic hair with heat the same way you can with human hair. Some high quality synthetic hair can handle some heat-styling tools, but not often.
You can wash your synthetic hair just like you can with real hair, however. Carefully massage the shampoo into your scalp, being careful not to pull out the hair from its tracks. Wash out the shampoo and then add conditioner to your hair. Rinse it out after a few minutes, and let your hair air-dry.

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Human Hair
Human hair is usually imported from Asian countries, where women grow their hair extra long and then sell it. The hair, once applied, can be heat-styled just like your own natural hair. You can wash it, condition it, dye it, blow dry it, curl it, and flat iron it! There are no limitations. These extensions tend to cost much more than synthetic hair, but they also last longer.

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