Monday, October 17, 2011


Ok, Tami Roman has recently found herself in some more drama outside of the REALITY TV CAMERAS.. This time the drama is in TWITTERVILLE and its related to her hair line. See the word on the street from “Addicted to all things Pretty” blog, Tami is pushing her own hair line and claiming that the hair in the picture to the left as hair from her line.. Well check out the blog posting from ”Addicted to all things Pretty“.

I’ve still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Tami Roman sells hair extensions since her styles get a lot of not-so-nice attention when Basketball Wives airs. Nonetheless, her entrepreneurial skills have kicked in and this week she launched Crème de -la Crème Hair. Once Tami started telling followers on Twitter that she was wearing her from her hair collection the situation got ugly. Apparently, Tami requested hair fromBella Dream Hair to be sent to her via express delivery late September and never disclosed that she has her own hair company, as this would be a conflict of interest and be unethical. Once the issue was addressed on Twitter and it was said that she wasn’t wearing the hair she said she was, she decided to delete most of her tweets where she said she was and started playing the role of the victim but never addressed @BellaDreamHair or spoke directly about the situation.
We all know Tami isn’t the type to back down and likes to “keep it real”.

But I needed more proof than he said she said; detailed tracking information and pictures of the hair that was sent to Tami appeared in my in-box….
You be the judge.
But here are my questions; why were the tweets deleted? Why did she need hair from a competitor and urgently at that? Did her hair stylist make the error of installing the wrong hair or is Tami trying to pull a fast one?

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